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Welcome to Pocket PC Portal!

….and welcome to the revolution! In just over a year from its initial launch and with the introduction of devices from Compaq, HP and Casio, the Pocket PC has risen from a near non-existent market share of the handheld market to somewhere in the area of 14% today (source IDC). This explosive growth will continue as Pocket PCs in North American are projected to double this year alone to some 4 million units according to ResearchPortal and as manufacturers rush to meet the demand, industry analyst Kevin Burden of IDC expects Pocket PCs to command nearly 40% of the 19 million units shipped in 2004.

Everything for your Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada, Casio Cassiopeia, and Amego Pocket PC

 As these Microsoft-powered devices continue to grow and proliferate, developers, many of who where working on the Palm platform a year ago, are now rushing to remake their products for the Pocket PC market place. One growing group in particular, the game developers, has greeted the Pocket PC with particular zeal due to its greater expandability and its ability to handle MP3 and media files. The list of new tools and toys for the Pocket PC is growing at a feverish pace. It is for this reason we decided to develop this site.

As the Pocket PC increasingly moves out of the hands of the technophile and into the executive boardrooms, manufacturing floors, sales, marketing, operations, accounting and human resources departments, we believe there is a need for a one-stop portal dedicated exclusively to all things Pocket PC. No more sifting through sites that are geared broadly at the handheld or PDA market to find the little corner dedicated to the Pocket PC. No more slugging through the techno-babble of developers sites. If it’s here, it is or will be available for your Pocket PC. This site and its associated newsletter are designed for non-technical users who are looking for the latest news, tools, tips, toys and technology for their new found friend. We will scour dozens of business, manufacturer and technical sites for the latest news, tips and tools to make your Pocket PC ownership more productive and enjoyable.

So get organized! Keep Synced! Fell the power of the Pocket PC revolution! ….and above all else, have FUN! It has been a marvelous year but as the saying goes “the best is yet to come!”

Good Pocket PCing,Pocket PC handheld PDAs Only

Pocket PC Portal Editor


P.S. As we develop this site, your feedback, comments, information and views are greatly appreciated! Please feel free to e-mail me at


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