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ThemeMaker McDeb by KAMware has Arrived!

I've been a big fan of Debbie McCormick and her stable of themes for a long time. I'm glad to see she has teamed up with KAMware, who already make a terrific theme product to take it to the next level!

ThemeMaker McDeb Pocket PC Theme software for your PDAThemeMaker McDeb is a desktop PC application that allows you to quickly and easily build fantastic looking Pocket PC themes. This version of ThemeMaker was customized with special features in effort to bring you the highest quality original image retention available in a Pocket PC theme development application.

Here is what Deb has to say about her new ThemeMaker McDeb program :"After creating a few hundred Pocket PC themes, I have developed quite a wish list of features that I needed to see in a theme builder. KAMware has managed to incorporate every single one of my requests into ThemeMaker McDeb and I could not be more pleased with the final result. The goal was to create a desktop PC application that does away with the features that I personally find unnecessary, and concentrates on improving those that are crucial to building the highest quality themes quickly and easily. KAMware was also kind enough to let me skin the GUI. So, it even looks McDeb-ish."

Key features:
bulletQuality of original images is maintained producing the sharpest themes yet!
bulletNew color selection tool! Pick out any color on the screen to apply to other elements of the theme.
bulletTransfer themes to and from your device. Select your device transfer directory!
bulletAdjust transparency and set a custom transparency color.
bulletPerform a screen capture of your finished theme with or without the menu image. Create a thumbnail version of your screenshots.
bulletCustomize the on-screen text displayed in screen captures.
bulletSave images in either 256 or 16 million colors.
bulletSave individual theme and menu images.
bulletChoose the appearance of ThemeMakerMcDeb by choosing from 11 different McDeb designed program skins or an non-skinned version for the XP user with a custom resolution setting.

Try ThemeMaker for windows pocket pc 2002 handhelds            Buy ThemeMaker for windows pocket pc 2002 pdas

A Selection of McDeb Theme Packs

No time or desire to make your own themes? As Deb said above, she has built hundreds of themes. Below are some of my favorites theme packs built by Debbie. You can see a full selection of her work at her Pocket McDeb website. It is by far the most attractive site in the Pocket PC community and worth a look for that reason alone. Enjoy!




Blue Abstract
Space Today screen themes for your pocketpc

Tranquility Today screen theme pack  for your pocket pc handhelds

Lighthouse Today screen themes for your pocketpc pda

Blue Abstract Today screen theme pack  for your pocketpc


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