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FlexWallet enables you to securely store and carry any type of information on your Pocket PC.

FlexWallet security software for Pocket PCs and Windows desktopsI’ve been using FlexWallet by Two Peaks Software for about 3 weeks now and I’m totally hooked! I have always worried about putting sensitive data like credit cards, banking and secure website information and passwords on my Pocket PC for fear of it getting stolen. The horror stories in the news about identity theft have me more than a little paranoid. With FlexWallet’s industrial strength 128-bit encryption, I now feel confident that I can keep my sensitive data with me without worrying about the reproductions of some fast-fingered crook.

The unexpected benefit of this program is that it has allowed me to organize all those not-so sensitive little bits of miscellaneous information I’ve been keeping in text and note files cluttering up my Folders (when you get to Note127 you know things are out of control!).  Finally I have one package where I can organize and put it all together. FlexWallet offers 25 categories (auto, business, passwords, personal…) to group “cards” into, and 35 template cards (finance: credit card, health: prescription, emergency contact…) to organize your data into. Of course you can create new categories and new templates to suit your particular needs. The template gallery on the FlexWallet website also allows you to upload your own custom templates or download a selection from other users.

FlexWallet was a breeze to set up too and is simple to use. It works on all Pocket PC devices, and requires very little memory.

Category view of FlexWallet software for PocketPCs and Windows desktopsOne problem that I did have was in realizing that once you made a card based on a template you can no longer modify that template. This was a particularly annoying issue that I hope the developers can resolve in future versions. Several other items on my wish list would include the option for more username fields in the card templates and the ability to add my own icons (I’d like to use my MSN butterfly! J) along with a more extensive user guide online.

Pocket PC Portal "Squadron Leader" awardIn conclusion, I found FlexWallet to be a great way to store all types of data. I found it easier to use and more attractive than it’s main competitors which sell (in combination with their desktop editions) for $10 more. So if you are going to carry personal, business, or any sort of sensitive information on your Pocket PC, I highly recommend you invest in FlexWallet for it’s customization, ease of use, secure storage system and hey… saving $10 bucks isn’t bad either!  We give FlexWallet a 3 out of 4 “Squadron Leader” status.

A free 30-day trial version of FlexWallet is available for download from A special bonus right now is if you buy FlexWallet for just $19.95* you will get the full-featured Desktop Edition FREE with your purchase. The desktop version (view screenshot) has redundant 128-bit encryption, the ability to create your own easy templates, over 100 colorful icons to visually identify your information, and much more. (*Limited time offer. regular price $24.95)

Try FlexWallet for your Pocket PC handheld          Buy FlexWallet for your PocketPC pda

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