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Windows Mobile 2003 software
for Pocket PC


The next version of Pocket PC software, named Pocket PC 2003, is the latest innovation from the Microsoft® Mobile Devices Division and improves on the already successful Pocket PC.

What Is Pocket PC 2003?

Pocket PC 2003 represents an even better Pocket PC experience with improved wireless connectivity, a better messaging experience, new and improved media capabilities. This results in an even stronger platform with new ActiveSync® technology, improved connectivity and easier wireless network configuration.

A Better Wireless Experience

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity for Pocket PC 2003 PDAAs the mobile device industry matures, connectivity continues to be a key driver of device adoption. Pocket PC 2003 makes it easier than ever to connect to a variety of wireless networks by automatically detecting and easily connecting to Wi-Fi networks. The software also natively supports Bluetooth®, which adds another option for wireless connectivity. Pocket PC 2003 also features a new and easier to use Connection Manager that improves the overall user experience for connectivity functionality on the device.

Note: Connectivity solutions available via devices that integrate with wireless hardware capabilities or through separately purchased wireless accessories. See Pocket PC device manufacturer and wireless ISPs for details.


A Great PDA for E-Mail and Messaging

Outlook Inbox of handheld Pocket PC 2003 PDAJust as connectivity drives device adoption, messaging has emerged as the No. 1 usage scenario beyond PIM for devices in a connected state. With this in mind, Pocket PC 2003 delivers “Always Up-To-Date” (AUTD) synchronization capability for e-mail, calendar and contacts. Pocket PC 2003 also supports Exchange Server 2003 for improved real-time e-mail, calendar and contacts support. For devices equipped with an integrated or modular keyboard, Pocket PC 2003 delivers a great keyboard experience by simplifying navigation and input in e-mail and instant messaging (IM).

Pocket MSN and Hotmail for Pocket PC 2003 devices





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